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What is an adult nursing relationship?

Author: Pamfan

Adult Nursing or Adult Breast Feeding is when a woman offers her lactating or milk-producing breast to her partner. It’s a natural extension of the attraction that many men have towards the female breast. As part of foreplay men will often kiss and suck a woman’s breasts and nipples, and the desire to experiencing nursing may well grow out of this attraction.

Like the bond that forms between a nursing mother and her baby, an adult nursing relationship will form a very close bond between two people. Part of this come from the desire and attraction to the nursing act itself, although there are also physical reasons why the couple will grow to be mutually interdependent. For instance the woman will need the man to be there when she needs to be nursed to relieve the pressure that builds up in the breast. It is this closeness and inter-dependency that makes Adult Nursing Relationships so special. Sex is obviously an important part of an adult nursing relationship but it is not the case the people who are in adult nursing relationships are necessarily exclusively interested in having sex. The intimacy and understanding that may develop between two people is considerably stronger than that which may develop from physical attraction alone.

Many adult nursing relationships start spontaneously after giving birth to children though couples also induce lactation to experience it since clearly a desire to experience nursing is obviously not a good reason to have a baby. Inducing lactation can be a troublesome process but also a wonderful one. You can read our notes on the subject here.

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