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Alison: Diary of a milkmaid

Hi to everyone out there. My name is Alison or Ali for short! I’ve been asked to do a milkmaid's diary which I hope will sort things out for any girls maybe planning to go into Milkmaiding or any gentlemen who are toying with the idea of going to see a lactating working girl.

I have been milkmaiding since March I think it was. I must admit at first to being unsure of how I would feel seeing a grown man drinking from my breast! I had been a working girl for 2 years previously but like most girls this was my first pregnancy and first child and I had not came across the milkmaiding scene before.

My first gentlemen who came to see me was wonderful; we were milkmaid virgins shall we say! First the gentlemen was just drinking from my breast and the milk came out but not very fast - As the midwifes might have told you if you think about the milk too much it can actually inhibit the let down process so it is better for your mind to be elsewhere like focusing on something, maybe thinking about your little one, or performing hand relief. On this occasion the gentleman had decided to take both services so I explained to him what my midwife had told me when being taught how to breastfeed: You need to make sure the mouth is around the areola so it almost covers it; its not called nipple feeding its called breastfeeding as she said! Another trick is to use the tongue to massage the bottom of the breast but try to avoid teeth as pain can stop the milk flowing.

Being able to pleasure the gentleman ensured my mind was not thinking about the milk and as I was also being pleasured myself. The milk started flowing and flowing and I cannot remember a better orgasm. And I have had a few I can tell you !

To all you ladies who are thinking about doing milkmaiding I can quite honestly say I have never had a bad experience because gentlemen who are into this really do care about it and everyone I have met has been a total gentlemen!



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