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Alison: Diary of a milkmaid

Hello again out there!! Its time for my next instalment about milk maiding I hope you enjoy this diary as much as you did the last!

My next experience of milk maiding was totally different but still very enjoyable. The next guy I saw was not a milk maid virgin - It was something he had done with his partner when they had had children so he knew what he was doing! Like most gentlemen he didn’t want sexual intercourse but he knew the milk would flow better If I was being stimulated which he did buy stimulating my clit (I think its something to do with your blood pressure rising as you are being stimulated which helps the milk flow faster but don’t quote me on that. It might just be because your mind has been taken away from that fact you have a gentlemen suckling on your breast. Whichever it is still very pleasurable!) He came to see me as he was passing through my area which most of my gentlemen callers seem to do! We just laid down on the bed had a little chat to put each other at ease and also for him to recover a little from his drive. And then I held his head in my arms as he started suckling and once the milk was flowing he started to stimulate my clit very slowly I think its because he wanted my orgasm to last but to also maximise the amount of milk he would get from my breasts! That’s what I love about guys who are into the milk maiding scene if I can call it that, not one of them so far has been selfish. They all seem to want to make sure that you are satisfied just as much as they have been which I love because I know it’s a job well done shall we say!

It works best when both parties are totally at ease. I do generally try and chat to my gentlemen milkmaid fans especially the milkmaid virgins because I know it is extremely nerve racking when coming to visit a working girl for the first time. A lot of men have just been fantasying over it but never having the courage to go to see one of us ladies and some I know have had it recommended to them by there friends who have already tried milk maiding experience. Lots of the gentlemen I’ve seen cannot get over how sweet the milk tastes; it is very Moorish.

To the girls out there who might be thinking of going into the milkmaidiing I would say taste your milk. Either express some into a pump or just express a little onto your hand. I know some girls might think yuck but I tasted my milk when my son was first born. My midwife in the hospital told me to taste it so you can understand why the babies enjoy it so much because it is so sweet. And you’ll also get an insight into why these gentlemen love being breastfed so much! It also helps you in that you’ll know a bit more what you are talking about when you are seeing and advising your clients who have never done it before.



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