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Alison: Diary of a milkmaid

Hello there its me again. Hope everyone is ok.

Well here we go with my third instalment I do hope you are not getting bored of my milk maiding life yet.

My next diary entry is when I first met one of my new great friends who has now become a regular and a great friend as well. He was younger than I expected; most of my previous clients has been quite a bit older. Not that I am ageist at all - I love everyone from 20 to 99 so that’s cool.

When doc first came to see me (that’s not his real name but I am sure he will work out that’s its him I am telling you about) he came in all nervous just standing there while I got myself sorted, so I said “just sit down and make yourself comfy.” We had a little chat about life and work and so on just for him to see that I am not dangerous and that I only bite when asked to! I also find it a help when the gentlemen are nervous to ask if they would like a massage - it does seem to help calm the nerves and help them relax and the whole experience should be enjoyed and not dominated by nerves.

When it came to doc he wanted to try everything. He wanted to be squirted with my milk and also suckling from the breast. Doc striped off I did my little massage then asked where he wanted to start but like most of the gentlemen he wasn’t sure! I just said “you tell me because its your time that you are paying for so you choose!” He chose to have a drink from my breasts first which stimulated him nicely. He was on each breast for about five minutes and then we decided to have a little spray. He wanted me to spray my warm milk onto his genitals and over his body but he enjoyed me spraying his genitals the most because after I sprayed the milk I used it as lubricant for my special genital stimulation (which is me having the penis between both my hands and slowly going to the head of the penis - When you reach the top you change your hand position and slowly go back down the shaft of the penis. It sounds simple but it works a treat once you get the technique right!)

We then carried on to have sexual intercourse while at the same time he was drinking from my breasts. It was wonderful. My breasts are not as sensitive as they were but it is such a turn on to have the man drinking from your breasts while being penetrated. It makes me reach many orgasms! Not only that while he went down on me he was also squeezing my breasts which were squirting milk all over us which he seemed to enjoy so we were both happy. Its lovely when you can get to enjoy your work so much !

Time for me to love you and leave you again hope you enjoy!!!!!!



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